About Us

SALAM Specialist Hospital Kuala Terengganu , an 41-beds private hospital is the Group's latest addition to its chains of specialist centers. Established on 1st March 2016, it is SALAM's first setup to service the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. SALAM Specialist Hospital Kuala Terengganu is a living-working demonstration of the Group's mantra of making private and specialized healthcare accessible, affordable and acceptable to all in this region.

While offers a wide range of healthcare services which includes a 24-hours emergency unit, such offerings also embrace the latest in medical, surgical and laboratory technology, equipment and competencies. But the anchor is and will always be its workforce. A panel of highly trained specialists, diligent and dedicated nursing faculty and a professional lineup of administrative and auxiliary staff, will ensure that whether you are visiting or hospitalized, your stay with us at SALAM Specialist Hospital Kuala Terengganu will be an exceptionally pleasant experience.